Possum Removal Inner West 

Appoint professionals in the Inner West for quick possum removal

Need a professional possum removal Inner West service? Call our professional possum removalist for your Inner West property. Moreover, we provide an inspection of your property. Our experts will completely seal the entry point. Nevertheless, prevent possum from reentering. Pest Control Inner West have trained possum removal experts. Moreover, we use a nature-friendly treatment for possum removal. 

Our service will not only remove possums but also avoid other pests from entering your place. Even we ensure to provide possum treatment peacefully and humanely. Hence, safe for you, possums and your family. Therefore, for same-day possum removal, contact us. Call us at 02 3813 8690 

How can you prevent possums from getting on your roof?

There are a few steps for preventing possums from getting on the roof. Hence, some steps are listed below.

  • Removing overhanging beaches or stem from the roof
  • Maintaining your roof tiles regularly. Moreover, fill the gaps or cracks of your roof. Critically after the storm or the windy weather. 
  • If there is not a tree in your backyard. Then you must introduce a nesting box. So that possums don’t make their shelter on the roof.