Bee and Wasp Removal Inner West 

Call professional bee and wasp removal experts in Inner West

Bee and wasp are found almost in every season. Usually, they are visible in the backyard or garden area. So, to eliminate wasps/ bees from your property, you need to hire a professional bee and wasp removal Inner West expert. We identify the bees and wasps through our detailed inspection service. 

Pest Control Inner West has customer-friendly removalists for bees/wasp removal. Moreover, we use safe and pet-friendly solutions. Hence, our treatments are not harmful to your home environment. Moreover, our experts arrive on time as per your complaint. Thus, for the handy wasp removal service, dial us. You can call us at 02 3813 8690

What is the difference between wasp and bee? 

Bee and wasp are the same in colour. However, they are different in some and other ways. Bees are more rounded, whereas, wasps are cylindrical. Additionally, wasps are attracted to predators. Moreover, wasps are more aggressive than bees. Hence, bees and wasps are different species. Thus, to control them you must contact our professional removalists.